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Business Development….

  • ARA’s principals and associates have represented some of the largest and most recognizable companies in America. In doing so, they have helped clients to design, build and entitle airports, courthouses, jails and prisons, major urban transit systems (including subways), bridges, pipelines and sewer systems, landfills, hazardous waste disposal sites, telecommunications and vehicle tracking systems.

  • They have represented airlines, aerospace and technology companies, agribusiness, land developers, engineers, architects, urban planning companies, construction companies, economists, audit and accounting consultants, healthcare organizations, bus and transit car manufacturers, security providers and theft deterrent specialists.

  • We have helped these clients secure contracts and engagements from GSA, the Corps of Engineers and government agencies throughout northern and southern California, from school districts, water districts, transit and transportation agencies, toll road and bridge authorities, agencies of California state government, public and private universities and cities and counties in California, Nevada, Arizona, Washington and Texas.